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Wireless Tutorials

RFID Tutorial

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a general term that is used to describe a system that transmits the identity (in the form of a unique serial number) of an object wirelessly, using radio waves. RFID technologies are grouped under the more generic Automatic Identification(Auto ID) technologies.

Wireless Networking Primer

Understand the need for going wireless, the work efficiency it brings in and the business value it unlocks. Put wireless into perspective. Understand what all is there to wireless. Understand WWAN, WPAN and WLAN.

Zigbee Tutorial

ZigBee is one of the newest technologies enabling Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPAN). See how the specification characterized by low data rates and very low power consumption is revolutionising home networking.

WiMax: Extending the Reach of Global Broadband Access

There is a good chance that the words that you are reading now are coming over a broadband connection, like a DSL/cable Internet service. However, if you were in a remote farm in New Zealand, searching the Web for the right fertilizer to raise your crops, you might be using a dial-up connection over a noisy telephone line. But with WiMax, which is capable of transmitting large amounts of data over long distances, you could be surfing the web looking for the appropriate fertilizer, over a 75Mbps connection without a wire!

WiMAX Tutorial

WiMax is the IEEE standard enabling Metropolitan Area Networks. This tutorial explores the promise of WiMax and discusses how WiMax would be complementing other technologies like WiFi in our near wireless future.

Wireless LAN (Wifi) Tutorial

Wireless LAN works to extend the reach of existing wired networks through radio waves to entire organization settings. Also known as Wi-Fi, IEEE 802.11 is the set of standards for Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN).

Bluetooth Tutorial

Get up and take a look behind your PC... chances are that you will find a cluttered mess of wires. Think about a short range, multiple node, wireless network which replaces these wires. Think Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPAN). Think Bluetooth.  

Wal-Mart and RFID: A Case Study

The article takes you through how RFID is revolutionizing processes at Wal-Mart, how Wal-Mart is saving millions with RFID and the hard lessons learnt along the way.

RFID and Environmental Issues

The article discusses the affect the impact of RFID on the environement, how it affects processes like recycling, corporate social responsibility, voices of concerned groups and future challenges.

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