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Types of Customer Services

Customers need different types of information or support services from a company. Customer interaction is also required for sales and marketing. Hence, a contact center can be used for a variety of business process. Robinson and Kalakota have analyzed different types of customer service functions in their book ‘Offshore Outsourcing: Business Models, ROI and Best Practice’. These functions include:

  1. Support: Support services include resolution of billing queries, order taking, activation of accounts, registration of new customers and recording complaints.
  2. Marketing: Marketing tasks carried out through a contact center include sending outbound emails, telemarketing, surveys and poling, responding to inbound emails and management of marketing campaigns.
  3. Sales: Sales tasks include inbound sales, outbound sales, web chat, web call-back and co-browsing.
  4. Technical Support: Customers require different technical support services such as data verification, application support, address updates and problem resolution through the technical help desk.
  5. Customer Analytics: Customer analytics includes profitability analytics, quality auditing, reporting and complaint analysis.

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