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DSL Worldwide Deployments

Can you believe that the US only has 14 people out of every 100 that has access to a Broadband connection at home? This is almost ½ of the leading country in this list, Korea , which has nearly 26 people out of 100 that can access the information highway at high speeds.

If that was not incredible enough, then look at this, the US ranks 21 st among the top 30 nations that have Broadband penetration. The statistics are very revealing! If I poll to see if people have DSL in their homes, at most 5% will raise their hands, leaving out those who don't want to get bashed up by Cable fans! Iceland , Finland , Norway , Korea and Netherlands are the top five when it comes to DSL.

The US has a decent #4 position when it comes to Cable Broadband. The two most populous countries in the world, India and China are not in the top 30 nations in terms of broadband penetration. That is to be expected given the huge numbers. In India , both Cable and DSL will have reliability issues. In terms of penetration, perhaps DSL will dominate the Indian markets. I am not sure about China , but I believe the infrastructural issues will be similar to India .

DSL has 61% of the worldwide Broadband market share. This shows us conclusively that the US is not a major market for Broadband. No wonder executives from most Broadband companies are seen walking around the terminals of Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Here is the complete list, with a comparison of the number of DSL users for every 100 when compared to Cable and other types of Broadband.

  DSL Cable Other Total
Iceland 21.0 0.3 0.4 21.7
Finland 16.3 2.2 0.2 18.7
Korea 13.9 8.9 2.7 25.5
France 11.9 0.8 0.0 12.8
Japan 11.0 2.4 3.0 16.4
Germany 9.9 0.3 0.3 10.2
UK 9.7 3.8 0.0 13.5
Canada 9.4 9.7 0.1 19.2
Australia 8.5 2.4 0.1 10.9
MEAN 7.2 3.8 0.8 11.8
Spain 7.0 2.2 0.1 9.3
United States 5.5 8.0 1.1 14.5

Source: OECD

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