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Operational CRM

The operational application of CRM enables effective interaction with customers. For this purpose various tools are used. These contact management tools aim to reduce costs by improved process efficiency and use of media based communication channels. These are also aimed to provide customers with a consistent interface across all communication channels. To achieve this relevant customer data is collected and also displayed at all customer touch points. This is the customer master data. Another set of data where employees' contact with customers is also logged. This has information like topics discussed, customer requirements, soft customer data like hobbies, preferences, interests, details about children and other minor stuffs.

Banks are an exemplary implementation of CRM as customer contact management. Channel management tools aim to understand how customer interacts with the company. It aims to deliver products and services across multiple channels in effective, efficient, and consistent manner. Content management toolsenable the company to manage what is visible to the customers i.e. what the customers are able to see when they interact with the company. The various processes undertaken are: campaign management, sales management, service management, and complaint management.

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