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WiMax Forum

WiMax Forum was formed in April 2001, to promote conformance and interoperability of the standard IEEE 802.16. The Forum's founding members were ~V Ensemble, CrossSpan, Harris and Nokia.

In April 2002, the forum grew to accommodate another member ~V OFDM, and in November, added Fujitsu as its sixth member. In March 2003, after intensive lobbying for the just cause of promoting the standard by Fujitsu and Wi-LAN, many new members joined the WiMax forum.

The forum was formed solely for promotion of devices supported by the 802.16 standard. The forum takes responsibility also to develop devices confirming to the standard and releasing it in the market. Some prominent members of the WiMax Forum are Airspan, Alvarion, Analog Devices, Aperto Networks, Ensemble Communications, Fujitsu, Intel, Nokia, OFDM Forum, Proxim and Wi-LAN.

The new members were ~V Aperto, Alvarion, Airspan, Intel, Proxim and others. The current forum has strong presence from service providers, system manufacturers, chip vendors and eco-system vendors.

Currently the WiMax forum has 110 members, and there are no WiMax-certified products available in the market. In September 2004, Intel introduced initial samples of a WiMax chipset, named Rosedale . Intel announced plans of offering transmitters by 2005, and has plans to ship WiMax devices for use in the office and home by 2006.

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