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Google Patent Analysis

In the recently released Google Patent Application, Google has bared all the quirks to its search algorithm which are designed to fight any artificial link building campaign on the internet.

Much of the techniques outlined were already widely accepted amongst the SEO community, although there were some surprises also. The most important of them was the length to which Google has (or plans to) modified its ranking algorithm to check artificial link building campaigns.

Although most of the techniques outlined are not currently implemented in Google, they do give a comprehensive assessment of the different checks and procedures Google plans to put into place to check artificial link building.

It also gives a glimpse into factors, beside links, which Google plans to use (or already does) to determine rankings in its SERP's (Search Engine Result Pages).

Lastly, the patent enumerates different factors which describe the relevance of a web page. Relevance, as is already widely known is a major factor affecting Google rankings.

Let's take a deeper look into each of these three different aspects of the Google Ranking algorithm as outlined in the patent application.

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