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Other Considerations

Nothing is perfect, so is predictive dialer!

A Predictive Dialer is programmed to maintain the fine balance between keeping the agents busy and getting live prospects. Often situations crop up when there is a live hello on line but no agents to engage it. The called party picks up the receiver only to hear a click at the other end! This is an abandoned call .

If the call is at some inconvenient moment or the called party receives such calls too frequently, then it will be the turn of the called party to make outbound calls to complain against the telemarketing company!

Today this happens quite frequently and fresh laws are being enforced by government for such telemarketing companies. It is often assumed that abandoned call to anonymous customers is harmless to the business but the reverse is true. With caller-id facility available in every phone, it will not be long before such calls are tracked down. This is one reason why Predictive Dialer is not used to call business customers.

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules require that companies identify themselves to consumers and also that telemarketers maintain do-not-call lists for people who do not wish to receive telemarketing calls from certain company.

"Currently the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) mandates a 3% abandonment rate meaning that for each 97 live people you connect a live telemarketer to you can hang up on or abandon only 3. You are also required to leave each potential customer you abandon a pre-recorded message ."

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