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What is Predictive Dialing

A Predictive Dialer is a computerized system that has been programmed to dial numerous telephone numbers simultaneously. It is the most automated and sophisticated outbound calling method.

Open telephony devices or servers have computer hardware or software installed that are programmed to dial calls to numbers loaded from a database. It is programmed to hook the agent to the called party only if there is a live hello from a human! It is an advanced version of Auto Dialer.

In the Predictive System of dialing, telephone numbers are automatically dialed without a representative agent on the line. The system then listensfor the response. Two types of situations can develop after this:

  • When a live hello is detected, the system automatically transfers call to an available agent.
  • When the telephone number dialed is busy , or there is no answer , or not working , the system discards or reschedules the call.

Thus when the program senses answer from people, the call gets through to a free agent. All other calls like unanswered calls, engaged numbers, disconnected lines, answers from automated machines get discarded.

A Predictive Dialer system has hardware and/or software installed that can recognize no answers, busy signals, disconnected numbers, operator intercepts, fax machines, modems, and responses from answering machines. It keeps track and reports on everything. This saves a lot of precious time and increases the productivity as the agent is no longer held up to search and wait for a free line.

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