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Daffodil CRM

Daffodil CRM is a commercial CRM with features that enable the software to integrate all aspects of customer life cycle that includes identifying business opportunities to retaining existing customer bank. It helps in automating everyday tasks and has features like:

  • •  Printable reports and Export facility- The Daffodil software has Export to Excel and Printable reports facilites . The customizable view facility in the software generates the different views of data. The users are thus able to evaluate performance of their overall business, sales team, and products over a period of time. The users are also able to select fields, apply filters on each field by setting conditions and sort items by all available fields in ascending or descending order.
  • •  Automatic mail attachment- This key feature attaches mails to Daffodil CRM automatically without manually selecting and sending each mail from email client. A forwarding rule on the webserver and the email client automatically attaches all email interactions with their corresponding leads.
  • Campaign facility- The integrated email campaign facility features enables mass mailings to all or select category of customers. Users can compose mass mails with or without making use of email templates.
  • Lead Management- The user can manage and analyze all leads with a single click. User can assign leads and keep a track on the progress made on leads by the executives. A single click will give the entire information related to the lead and also the latest five actions and interactions for quick followup and analysis of the lead.

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