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vTiger CRM

vTiger open-source CRM is most suitable for small and medium businesses. Originally built from source code of SugarCRM , it is based on open-source technologies like Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. Thedistinct features are:

  • Lead Management- This feature creates leads and then converts them to opportunities, it also imports leads from Web downloads, trade shows, seminars and direct mails.
  • Opportunity and Contact Management- The user can track all sales opportunities, associate these with accounts, contacts, activities, and other modules. With other spreadsheet software the contacts and sales pipeline are analyzed and bottlenecks identified. The hierarchy of contacts are maintained to help deal with customers in a better way. More contacts are taken in from other applications like ACT, Goldmine etc.
  • Account Management- The user can import accounts, export accounts, specify parent-child relationship between accounts, track all accounts, and attach customer specific documents to accounts for quick reference.
  • Activity and Inventory management- With this feature the user can add all important customer related e-mails in vtiger CRM and store all the details of customer meetings and calls. This streamlines the sales process.
  • Security management- This feature enables the organization to define the role of team members and give them access to modules as per their role. This feature also archives the login history of each user for auditing purposes.
  • The Microsoft Outlook Plug-in feature permits adding outbound and forwarding inbound Outlook e-mails to vtiger CRM and synchronizes contacts, tasks, and calendar between the two. Another feature is to filter e-mails in Microsoft Outlook and retain the necessary e-mails to vtiger CRM.

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