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This is a commercial open source CRM suitable for companies of all sizes. The version 3.0 called the Sugar Suitehas various functionalities like:


  • Sales forecasting- The sales manager can calculate potential sales and associated revenues based on projections from sales representatives, thus have a better control over performance, commitment, achieving realistic goals, and planning resources. 
  • Campaign and Project Management- The campaign management tool allows users to organize marketing activities, manage and track marketing efforts on leads, contacts, and opportunities. The project management tool enables the users to define steps, establish timelines, and assign work to members on any project useful to end users. 
  • Email marketing- The marketing team creates the email templates, the recipients are listed and they are sent personalized email templates as per the planned schedule.
  • Calendaring, call scheduling, planning meetings, note tracking-customizable dashboards for real time tracking of business activities 
  • New module called Sugar Collaborate added to Sugar Sales, Sugar Marketing and Sugar Support Suites, having specific tools like:
  • Document Management capabilities like managing sales documentation, marketing collateral, customer incident reports 
  • Employee Directory- Customers can be searched by first or last names, roles, departments and basic contact information. 
  • Calendar Synchronization by project management, tasks and activities reminder

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